Hold Me (lyrics)

You are new, like the spring,
Where the leaves begin to sing,
Come from nothing, deadness,
Here, doubtless,
I don’t want you, I don’t care,
There’s already people everywhere,
What are you? Just DNA,
That I accidentally made,

Hold me, keep me warm
Enclose me, you are my home,
Hold me, keep me warm,
Hold me, never be alone,


Here’s your friends, keep them close,
And keep the fears far from home,
Whistle the songs I did sing,
For you, my everything,
Taste the life, I gave to you,
And the love, for when you’re due,
Stray far from me, when you leave,
Be happy, my baby,

Here’s your past, written by us,
The family you can trust,
And the world that we all share,
Faces everywhere,
We stand up high, on this land,
Learning, growing, to understand,
You’ll learn it all too,
When I give breath to you,

I’ll hold you, keep you warm
Enclose you, I am your home,
Hold you, keep you warm,
Hold you, never be alone.

Never be alone.


Intended accompanying music (writing by me)